Olivia Dental Lab Welcomes Heartland Practice; Western New York Dental to an Open House

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We’re excited to unveil the latest at Olivia Dental Lab. As Western New York’s premier dental lab, we’ve championed digital dentistry, enhancing services across Western New York Dental Group’s (WNYDG) 19 locations  ( members of Heartland).

Our recent Open House, in collaboration with WNYDG, was a celebration of innovation. We showcased our advancements in digital dental restorations, highlighting the blend of technology and artistry that goes into each smile. From digital impression scanning to cutting-edge CAD/CAM processes, attendees got a firsthand look at the future of dentistry.

A highlight of the event was introducing the passionate individuals at the heart of Olivia Dental Lab. These are the artisans and experts sculpting perfect smiles for Heartland Dental and other prestigious clients. Their fusion of creativity and technical know-how is pushing the boundaries of modern dentistry.

Thank you for your continued trust in Olivia Dental Lab. We’re committed to pushing boundaries in dental care, ensuring the best for our partners and patients.

Stay connected for more updates. Here’s to shaping the future of dental care in Western New York together!