Connecting Innovation with Aesthetics: Olivia Dental Lab Shines at Heartland Fundamentals Event

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Introduce Olivia Dental Lab’s mission and its commitment to excellence in dental solutions, while showcasing their recent participation in the Heartland Fundamentals event as a significant milestone.  

One of the highlights of the Heartland Fundamentals event was the meeting with Dr. Delrose, who recently converted to using Olivia Dental Lab’s services. Dr. Delrose couldn’t contain his enthusiasm for the quality and aesthetics of the casework provided by Olivia Dental Lab. Want to hear what he had to say? Watch his testimonial here. 

JJ Shiepierski, VP of Olivia and a renowned expert in dental lab innovation, delivered an insightful presentation at the event. The focus was on the new photogrammetry-less workflow for full and partial arch cases. This innovative workflow represents a significant leap forward in dental lab technology and service, and Olivia Dental Lab is at the forefront of embracing these advancements.

Beyond the presentations, the Olivia Dental Lab booth stole the show at the event. Its carefully designed layout and interactive elements captivated attendees’ attention. The knowledgeable team engaged with visitors, answering questions and demonstrating products.

At the event, Olivia Dental Lab had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of over 100 Heartland doctors, each with unique needs. These interactions provided valuable real-world feedback that will help refine and improve the lab’s offerings. Specific compliments and constructive comments received at the event will play a crucial role in shaping future developments.

The Heartland Fundamentals event was a great time for Olivia Dental Lab. It showcased their commitment to excellence, highlighted the innovative workflow they have embraced, and provided an opportunity for valuable customer engagement. With our dedication to staying at the forefront of the dental industry, Olivia Dental Lab continues to connect innovation with aesthetics to deliver exceptional dental solutions. Stay tuned for more exciting updates from Olivia Dental Lab as we continue our journey of excellence in the dental world.