Introducing the EZ-Ref Workflow: Revolutionizing Dental Implant Procedures.

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In the realm of dental implantology, precision is paramount. Yet, for many dental professionals, accurately capturing implant locations for partial or full arch cases remains a significant challenge, especially when relying solely on intraoral scanners. This is where the groundbreaking EZ-Ref Workflow from Evolution Dental, parent company of Olivia Dental Lab, marks a new era in dental implant procedures.

  1. Overview of EZ-Ref Workflow:The EZ-Ref Workflow is designed to streamline the process of determining implant locations and angles in both partial and full arch cases. Its compatibility with iTero scanners, which are a staple in many dental offices, makes it a versatile and invaluable tool in the dentist’s arsenal.
  2. Benefits for Dental Practices:Incorporating the EZ-Ref Workflow into your practice is not just about enhancing procedural efficiency; it’s about transforming your practice’s capabilities. This technology opens up new avenues for handling full arch cases, which are not only highly lucrative but also life-changing for patients undergoing full mouth rehabilitation.
  3. Technical Specifications: The EZ-Ref stands out due to its autoclavable nature and construction from high-quality zirconia, ensuring durability and safety. Available in five distinct shapes, it caters to a wide range of patient anatomies. The specific workflow associated with EZ-Ref is meticulously designed to maximize procedural outcomes, ensuring both dentist and patient satisfaction.
  4. Testimonial from Dr. Ben Hanson, Clinical Director of Heartland Dental: Watch a video featuring Dr. Ben Hanson, the esteemed Clinical Director of Heartland Dental. Dr. Hanson explains why he has become a staunch advocate of the EZ-Ref Workflow. He shares his firsthand experiences, highlighting specific cases where the EZ-Ref system significantly enhanced both the procedural efficiency and the outcomes for patients undergoing full mouth rehabilitation.

The EZ-Ref Workflow from Olivia Dental Lab is more than just a tool; it’s a catalyst for transformation in dental implant procedures. By enhancing accuracy, reducing procedural time, and opening the door to more complex cases, it empowers dental professionals to elevate their practice and patient care. Heartland offices and dental professionals looking to revolutionize their approach to dental implants are encouraged to contact Olivia Dental Lab. Learn more about the EZ-Ref Workflow and start integrating this cutting-edge technology into your practice today. Want to get started ASAP? Buy an EZ Ref kit and our Olivia Staff will call you with information on learning the scanning workflow. Click Here